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Explosion - proof knowledge of explosion - proof forklift
- Jul 26, 2017 -

First, the conditions of combustible gas explosion

1. Internal conditions: Flammable gas concentration within a certain range, the lowest concentration to the highest concentration between the explosion.

2. external conditions: ignited flash or open flame, the ambient temperature above the spontaneous combustion point, there is a certain amount of radiation, may occur detonated. Specific to the vehicle embodied as: spark; mechanical collision sparks; motor, electronic control, brakes, pumps and valves and other easy to heat the temperature, may lead to an explosion.

Second, the explosive gas environment, according to the degree of risk can be divided into three regions

Zone 0: Explosive gas environment where there is a continuous or prolonged existence. (Mobile industrial vehicles are not allowed to enter)

Zone 1: During normal operation, places where explosive gas atmospheres may occur.

Zone 2: normal operation, is unlikely to occur explosive gas environment, if there is also occasionally occur, and only a short period of time where the place.

At present, the highest level of explosion-proof forklifts at home and abroad can only be safe in Zone 1 and Zone 2.

Third, the explosion-proof forklift taken by the explosion-proof way

1. Intrinsically safe: Limit the energy of the circuit, whether in normal or short-circuit fault conditions, the spark, arc and temperature are not enough to ignite the explosive gas.

2. Explosion-proof forklift structure Explosion-proof type: the use of isolation measures in the structure, the electrical and the surrounding environment. Commonly used are: explosion-proof type, by type, positive pressure type, oil-filled type, sand-filled, pouring and other forms.