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- Jul 26, 2017 -

Improve the efficiency of forklift and its safety performance, while at the same time can greatly reduce its damage is an important means, is the forklift equipped with. For example, the paper roll can be greatly reduced to avoid damage to the paper roll. If you use a forklift without a paper roll, the paper is broken at a rate of 15%. For paper with a large amount of paper Enterprises, only in a relatively short period of time can be recovered with investment, then avoid the 15% damage rate can greatly reduce the cost of production; adjust the use of fork, so that drivers can be in the seat through the need to manipulate the handle to adjust Fork, that is, to improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, but also to avoid the adjustment of the tray damage and finger damage; with the push of the material handling, with a skateboard instead of the tray, low cost, The cost of stacking, in particular the reloading of containers and carriages, saves the stacking space more effectively, thus showing that forklifts are important for the full play of the forklift function.

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