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forklift attachment application
- May 24, 2018 -

In  addition to the use of forks as the most basic work attachment,  forklifts can also be equipped with a variety of interchangeable  attachments according to the needs of users.
Such as side-shifting devices, sanitation fixtures, grippers, spinners, bucket clamps, strings, hooks, buckets, etc.
The  main components of common forklift attachments are: fixed  parts—brackets, working devices, working oil cylinders, and hose  reel-in/roll-out devices.
Simple attachments: boom, string, drum clamp.
Complex  attachments: buckets, forks, hangers, flat clamps, paper roll holders  (as shown in the drawing), pick levers, bucket clamps, ejectors,  roundwood clamps, lifting arms, and carton clamps (see photo) , soft bag clip, side shifter, tilting fork, front fork, all-self lifting fork, etc.