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forklift attachment Use significance
- May 24, 2018 -

Compared  with the traditional sense of use of forklift truck fork for cargo  pallets for handling and stacking, dedicated application can greatly  improve the efficiency of the forklift and reduce operating costs. Dedicated  forklift attachments allow gripping, rotating (cw/counterclockwise),  sideshifting, pushing/pulling, flipping (forward/backward),  separating/closure (adjusting fork spacing), telescoping, etc. This is an action that can not be completed by an ordinary forklift fork. The significance of the application of forklift-specific accessories can be summarized as follows:
1, high production efficiency, low operating costs.
Mechanized  transportation is shorter than traditional human-handling operations.  It also reduces labor costs and costs, and improves work efficiency. In  the same handling cycle, the number of movements of the forklift is  significantly reduced, and the corresponding tires, transmission gears  and fuel consumption of the forklift are also reduced, and the operating  costs are also reduced.
2, safe and reliable operation, reducing the accident rate.
Designed  and manufactured by a professional forklift attachment manufacturer,  safety devices are designed for attachments to different industrial  conditions. In abnormal situations, the clipped (or forked) goods do not  slide easily, such as the holding pressure devices of clip attachments (  When  the cargo is carried, the tubing bursts, the hydraulic system maintains  the pressure, and the cargo does not slip off; the end buffers of the  side-shifting accessories are reduced, reducing the accident rate.
3, the loss of goods is small.
With  the unique functions of clamping, lateral movement, rotation, etc., the  goods can be transported or piled up or loaded more safely, and the  loss of goods can be minimized. Use  of attachments also reduces the frequency of use of a tray (such as  tray-handling operations), and their corresponding maintenance costs of  purchasing

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