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Forklift attachment with weekly inspection and maintenance
- Jun 06, 2018 -

Check  the power steering before starting the engine. Park the vehicle on a  level and the forklift is on a flat surface. Open the rear door of the  engine: Pull the dipstick out of the reservoir. If the engine is not  running, the fluid level should not fall below .MAX. "Mark line. If the liquid level is low, please add it to the appropriate position through the filler port.
Caution—There  is a danger of an accident! Forklift attachments If the fluid is lost  due to catastrophic failure, the power steering function may fail. In  this way, the steering will be very laborious. Talk immediately to drive the vehicle to the nearest designated service center at a very low speed for repairs. The  cooling system drives the loading basin to park the vehicle in a  horizontal position, the forklift truck is on a flat surface; the rear  door is opened; the ruler is removed from the storage tank: the oil  level must be at the top. The lower forklift is between the marking  lines. If the oil level is too low, fill the fill with hydraulic oil.

Check  the hydraulic clutch oil level. The clutch oil reservoir is located on  the front side of the side electrical box. Check the liquid level in the  clutch oil sump. Make  sure that the fluid level in the oil tank is between the upper and  lower tick marks. If the liquid level is too low, add fuel to a suitable  height.

Note: Do not use different grades or different grades of clutch oil. Never use mineral oil as clutch oil Always use clean clutch oil. Take special care not to allow dirt and dust into the tank.