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How does a push pull works ?
- Apr 12, 2018 -

Push/Pull is one of usefull forklift attachments. It can load and unload cargo and transfer cargo from one pallet to another one. Here are the steps how it works during operation:

  1. Push  and Pull operation. Your forklift should offer at least one set hydraulic function,some time s 2 or 3, for Push Pull. 

  2. There are two types Pusl Pull attachment. One is Quick-mounting Push Pull, and the other is Regular one. You need to keep forks installed on your forklift when install the Quick-mounting Push Pull. In other way, you need to take off forks when install a regular Push Pull. 

  3. You should prepare a slip sheet. This slip sheet materil could be paper or plastic.It's down surface is smooth. When the cargo stacking, you should push a slip sheet uder them. Then the Push Pull can grab slip sheet and pull it with cargo back. The slip sheet is cheap compared to pallet.

  4. After grab the cargo on Push Pull, you can push it to another place with slip sheet saving or push cargo and slip sheet together.