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how to choose a proper forklift attachment
- Oct 17, 2017 -

If you are a forklift truck dealer or distributor, you will know more or less about forklift attachments. But if you are a forklift truck end user, this article maybe helpfull and give you some advices on how to choose a forklift attachment.

  1. Materials that forklift handled.

    Material is the first thing we should considered before selection. Because different materials have different shapes and packages. For example, there is one drum with oil inside.Then a drum clamp with revolving function attachments will be the best choice. here are the regular forklift attachments applications for your reference:

    * Paper roll clamp,mainly used in paper mill,printing plant,carton package factory,and other factories and warehouse that dealing cylinger-shaped objects.

    * Carton Clamp,mainly for household appliances,electronic products,warehouses and so on.

    * Rotator is widely used for fields like food,chemical industry,sanitation,recycling,smelting and die-casting,those who require turnover,tipping and rotating 360 degree movements during cargo handling operation.

    *Push/ Pull are used to carry the goods placed on the skateboard for handling cargo without pallet in high efficiency and low loss. They are widely used in fertilizer, feed, grain, flour, salt, food, cement and other bags, box cargo handling and stacking industry.

    Bale clamp can handle various forms of soft packs such as cotton, textile, wool, pulp, waste paper, hay and industrial scrap and other soft items for paper making, chemical fiber, waste paper recycling, port and other industries without pallet handling and stacking operations in a safe and efficient way.

    *Steel arm clamp can handle various cartons, wooden boxes, metal boxes or soft bags and other goods for tobacco, paper, chemical fiber, workshop, port and other industries without pallet handling and stacking operations in a safe and efficient way.

    *Tobacco bale clamps are particularly suitable for re-baking tobacco box without pallet handling, gripping arm size can be designed and manufactured according to working condition, according to operating condition of cigarette factory, customized solutions of of tobacco bale clamps are available.

    * A drum clamp can transport 2 or 4 drums once to improve operating efficiency, they are widely used in bottled cargo handling stacking and dumping operations.

    The fork clamp can be used to hold the goods and can be used to fork the pallet cargo, improve the handling efficiency and reduce the damage to the pallet. It is suitable for the rapid handling and stacking operations in the paper industry, chemical fiber, workshop warehouse, port and other industries.

  2. Rated Loading capacity of the forklift and forklift attachment

    Make sure the forklift rated loading capacity,attachment loading capacity and carriage weight in a right order. 

    Forklift and attachment loading capacity.jpg

3. Working Condition of forklift truck.

    Offering as much information as you can to the forklift attachment supplier. They will recommend a proper forklift attachment for you.