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Electric forklift work sound law
- Jul 26, 2017 -

Any vehicle (hydraulic forklift, electric forklift), the equipment work is a sound, and has its special regularity, forklift is no exception. There are working experience of the staff, but also from the work of the various parts of the sound to determine whether the normal work, when you hear the abnormal sound that is abnormal, you can early detection of failure, be excluded in a timely manner to avoid causing large losses.

When the forklift appears abnormal sound, but also accompanied by other phenomena, generally there will be temperature, speed, load changes. Therefore, concerned about the temperature, speed, load on the impact of the sound, to determine the fault is particularly important.

Forklift in the event of failure, often issued some abnormal sound, generally with the temperature rise or increase. So in the event of abnormal sound, in addition to listening to the sound, but also to detect the temperature to meet the diagnosis. It is the easiest and most effective means to judge the temperature change. In general, to just feel the heat for the "normal temperature" to the hot, but the hand can be a long time stick to the "slightly higher temperature", about 5 seconds hand can not be posted as "high temperature limit." For example, forklift no-load refueling pump gearbox forklift abnormal sound, hand touch gear pump, obviously feeling faster heat. The above method will be suspended pump variable speed problem to the pump and into the oil pipeline system, in order to solve the trouble to save time.