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Loading and unloading forklift operating characteristics
- Jul 26, 2017 -

Rolling down the way need to have a special ship, the dock also has different requirements, this special ship called ro-ro ship.

Move up and down the way. Is in between the two cars, such as trains and cars to rely on, and then use a variety of ways, not to vertical movement of goods, and by horizontal movement from one vehicle to another vehicle, said shift on the way. Move up and down the way you need to make the two vehicles at the level of docking, therefore, the platform or vehicle to be changed, and with the mobile tool to achieve this loading and unloading.

Bulk Dispatching Method. Handling of bulk materials. Generally from the decorating point until the unloading point, the middle no longer landing, which is set loading and unloading and handling in one of the loading and unloading. The According to the main form of movement of goods classified. This can be divided into vertical loading and unloading, horizontal loading and unloading in two forms.