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The classification of the stacker
- Jul 26, 2017 -

According to its tonnage, can be divided into:

1 ton stacker, 1.5 ton stacker, 2 ton stacker, 2.5 ton stacker

According to its height, can be divided into:

1.6 m stacker, 2.5 m stacker, 2.9 m stacker, 3.3 m stacker, 4 m stacker, 4.5 m stacker, 5.5 m stacker

According to its design, can be divided into:

Standard stacker and non-standard stacker; non-standard stacker, for example, all stainless steel type, fork special requirements type, special design and so on.

According to its fork specifications, can be divided into: fixed fork, can be trailer forklift truck

According to its level, can be divided into: single door type stacker, height of 2.5 meters.