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What is a carton clamp ?
- Dec 13, 2017 -

What is a carton clamp ?


Sometimes loads are big and bulkybut they don’t require a pallet. That means a palletless method is used. A forklift Carton clamp offers one way to do this. This is a hydraulically operated material handling equipment that can be installed to a forklift truck. This forklift attachment has two giant square or rectangular metal plates that can pick layers of cartons off stacked pallets. Two metal plates are also be named contact pads. The contact pads are coated with rubber that can distribute clamping force evenly to insure positive grip and to prevent damage. Appliances, light fixtures, packaged food, paper products, and plastic products are all good examples of products that can be handled by carton clamp.

The load must be able to withstand the pressure of being clamped. This is the key factor of using carton clamps. The carton clamp will crush the product if the load is fragile that can not withstand the clamping pressure. Carton clamp works best for loads that do not have voids, which makes fridges and other large appliances great for this operation. The home appliances industry have very much utilized the carton clamp.

Carton clamp is beneficial because it’s palletless load handling. Carton clamp is also environmentally friendly because it helps factory or warehouse save pallets which is usually made of wood.

There is one important thing to know. For example, if the fridges were load on truck without pallets, then the destination party should equipped with a carton clamp too. But it won’t necessary if the cargo were discharged by human labor at destination. The human labors cost is more and more, but a machinery equipment will replace them sooner or later.

Carton clamp is not the only one forklift attachment that can handle various materials. Besides, there are paper roll clamp for paper rolls, bale clamp for pulp bales, Push Pull for loading and unloading bulk cargo, foam rubber clamp for foam handling. We can not list all the forklift attachments because they are invented all the time for different working conditions and applications.

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