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What is a Forklift Truck Attachment?
- May 23, 2018 -

The Forklift Truck Attachment, also known as a variety of devices, is an efficient equipment for automated handling, stacking, and handling. It is a good tool to make use of a forklift for many purposes. Improve and remedy the performance of forklifts to meet the complex and diverse needs of modern logistics, warehousing and handling. Forklift attachments are: Productivity, Damage Reduction, and Safety. Widely used in papermaking, packaging, printing, petroleum, chemical, construction, smelting, electronics, beverages, hardware, automobile manufacturing, warehousing, tobacco, military and other industries.

An important means to improve the working efficiency and safety performance of forklift trucks while at the same time greatly reducing their damage is the attachment of forklift trucks. For example, if you use a roll holder to carry a roll, you can greatly reduce or avoid damage to the roll. If you use a forklift truck without a roll holder, the roll breakage is 15%. For large paper, high-quality paper packaging Enterprises can recover their investment in a relatively short period of time. The 15% damage rate avoided afterwards can greatly reduce the production cost of the company. The use of adjustment forks allows the driver to adjust the position of the fork on the seat as required. Fork lift, that is to improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and avoid damage to the tray and finger damage during adjustment; use push-pull device for material handling, use a skateboard to replace the tray, low cost, and save the tray maintenance, The cost of stacking, especially in the container and stacking of cargo in the carriage, has saved the stacking space more effectively. This shows that the forklift attachment plays an important role in fully displaying the forklift function.forklift paper roll clamps.jpg