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What types of Forklift truck attachment are included
- May 30, 2018 -

Forklift Fittings (Forklift truck attachment), also known as a variety of devices, are automated handling, stacking and handling of high-performance equipment.

Mainly include the following types:

Paper Roll Clamp (Paper roll clamp): Adjustable short arm type; fixed short arm type Paper roll clamp can be efficient, safe, without breakage of the paper roll handling and stacking operations, and can clamp the paper roll 360 consecutive degrees of rotation. Convenient paper roll exchange operation.

Widely used in papermaking, carton, packaging, printing, port and other industries to all kinds of paper rolls without pallet handling and stacking.

Generic clamp type (General attachments): Soft bag folder, multi-use flat clamp, cardboard box folder, bucket folder, bricks folder, etc. The most representative general-purpose fixture is a soft package folder, soft Package folder can safely and efficiently carry various forms of soft bags, such as cotton, textiles, wool, pulp, waste paper, hay, and industrial scrap soft package items.

Suitable for papermaking, textile, chemical fiber, waste paper recycling and other industries to all kinds of paper rolls without pallet handling and stacking.

Rotary Actuator (Rotator)

Rotary device can be rotated or overturned containers and items for a 360-degree rapid turnover, widely used in food, chemical, sanitation, goods recycling, smelting foundry and other industries.

With Pallet cargo working tool (Pallet handling Attachments): Shifter, adjustable distance fork, single and double pallet fork, etc. Side shifter is installed in the forklift truck is the most commonly used, side-shifter to help the goods fork on the side of the horizontal lateral shift 100mm or 150mm distance, convenient goods fork and stacking, greatly improve the forklift's flexibility and efficiency.

Applicable to all kinds of forklift operations.

No pallet cargo operation fixture (palletless handling Attachments): Carton clamp, push-pull device, eject

The device is suitable for bagged goods such as fertilizers, fodder, cereal flour, salt and cement. Hydraulic oil supply assembly (hydraulic supply Group)