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Forklift Holding Folder Paper Folder Maintenance
- Jul 26, 2017 -

1. If the forklift is used in the use of folder (paper roll folder) shovel of waste paper or other things, this will cause the splint wear too fast may also be broken; there may be broken arm and the pin cut off.

2. Plywood splash is generally subject to impact or splint limit rod off lead to uneven force.

3. If you want to replace the short pin or clip arm when the long arm, please do not use those casually processing of the pin, or in the paper because the pin can not withstand the pressure and bending lead pin deformation of the hole, the loss can be large La.

4. Hold the folder (paper clip) in the work of the joints of the multi-force, so often check the pin is broken, the bushing has been grinding to the limit, the cylinder and tubing is oil and so on.