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The Chinese Forklift Industry
- May 29, 2018 -

The  Chinese forklift industry has experienced a period of rapid growth and  has gradually grown to a balanced growth. This has brought new  challenges to the sales and service of forklift trucks. It has been  undesirable to face the traditional marketing methods based on price  wars. How can we find a way for the development of agents is the thinking of many agents. At the recent China Forklift Truck Association meeting we may find some answers. The  Forklift Alliance Conference held in South China gathered the most  forklift industry colleagues in the region. In just four years, the  number of participants quickly broke from 200 to 1,000 people. On the  one hand, it showed that the regional counterparts in the development of  enterprises for information exchange. The urgent  need for resource sharing and the recognition of the potential of the  forklift's post-market development, on the other hand, also show that  the industry colleagues affirm the platform of the forklift industry  alliance resource sharing platform.forklift attachments.jpg

Mr.  Duan Guanghui, chairman of the China Forklift Truck Industry Alliance,  said that it is not an era of individual development. Cooperation and  mutual benefit are the common development path for everyone. The  industry alliance is willing to help everyone discover business  opportunities, create opportunities, and achieve greater value for the  company and itself.

We often do the game of  tug of war, I believe we all have experience, to participate in the tug  of war, the need for a number of common participation, but also need  backbone forces to develop a win-win "rope", found in this win-win power Your own position. Today's  China Forklift Truck Association, similar to the tug-of-war  competition, condenses the power of the forklift industry, accelerates  the integration, and brings more business opportunities and assistance  to industry colleagues, and introduces more new measures that are  conducive to the development of the industry.