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The Structural Characteristics Of The Forklift
- Jul 26, 2017 -

1. The overall structure of the whole steel frame, high strength, to meet the needs of users of high-intensity operations.

 2. Install hydraulic safety lock on the oil circuit to ensure the safety and reliability of the dumping of the fork, to minimize the hydraulic components or oil circuit failure may be dumping fork caused by the risk; , Whether in the process of dealing with a strong impact in the process, or in transit due to bumps caused by bumps, hydraulic safety locks can eliminate the hydraulic shock generated by the forklift with a fork to ensure that the cylinder cylinder will not Excessive hydraulic shocks are deformed and the pins of the hinges of the mechanism are not deformed or broken by excessive hydraulic shocks. In addition, the cylinder is equipped with a detection port, easy to detect and repair equipment failure.

3. Institutional hinge, the use of solid lubricants inlaid with high-strength brass alloy bushing, forklift with a tipping fork hardness than the average copper set twice! Fully extended the life of the bushing! Because of its self-lubricating function, the forklift has a tilting fork without the need to regularly add grease to protect the pin does not wear, so as to avoid the rapid wear of the bushing caused by the pin fracture failure.

4. Optimized structural layout ensures a good view.