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The Use Of Fork Safety Precautions
- Jul 26, 2017 -

  In the use of the forklift, the two pairs of fork are thick and the fork length should be roughly equal.When the two goods are fitted with the fork, the upper surface should be kept in the same plane, and the operation procedure must be strictly observed and the overload or long distance Carry the goods; and then move the long or the center of gravity can not determine the object, you have someone to command, and be careful.When the fork fork, the fork should be suitable for the width of the load, fork as much as possible into the load below, With the smallest mast back to stabilize the load, to prevent the load after the slide, put down the load, the mast can be a small amount of forward to safely put down the goods and out of the fork.Work, the fork should be as low as possible, from the ground 30 -40mm is appropriate, the mast should be properly tilted, driving shall not arbitrarily raise or reduce the fork, shall not turn on the ramp and across the slope of the road, do not allow the fork to pick up the way the goods unloading; Fork directly scraping dangerous goods and flammable materials; not allowed to use a single fork or inertia forklift; not even use the brake inertia slip round or easy to roll the goods.

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