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What Types Of Forklift
- May 17, 2018 -


Paper clips (Paper roll clamp): adjustable short arm type; fixed short arm type.

The paper roll clamp can carry out efficient, safe, undamaged handling and stacking operations on the paper rolls, and can clamp the paper roll continuously for 360 degrees. It is convenient for paper roll exchange. It is widely used in papermaking, carton, packaging, printing, port and other industries for all kinds of paper rolls without pallet handling and stacking.

General attachments: soft clip, multi-purpose flat clamp, cardboard box clamp, barrel clamp, brick clip, etc.

The most representative general-purpose fixture is a soft bag, which can carry all kinds of soft bags safely and efficiently, such as cotton, textile, wool, pulp, waste paper, hay, and industrial material. It is suitable for paperless, textile, chemical fiber, waste paper recycling and other industries to carry out pallet handling and stacking of all kinds of paper rolls.

Rotator (Rotator)

The revolver can quickly turn over 360 degrees of containers and articles that need to be rotated or turned over. It is widely used in the industries of food, chemical industry, sanitation, material recovery, smelting and casting.

Pallet handling attachments with pallet cargo: measuring, shifting fork, single and double pallet fork, etc.

The side shifter is the most commonly used equipment installed in the forklift. The side shifter helps the cargoes on the fork to move the distance between 100mm or 150mm, so as to facilitate the takeoff and stacking of the goods, which greatly improves the flexibility and efficiency of the forklift. It is suitable for all kinds of forklift trucks.

Palletless Handling Attachments: Carton clamp, push-pull device and ejector.

The ejector is suitable for bagged goods such as fertilizer, feed, grain flour, salt and cement.

Hydraulic oil supply component (Hydraulic supply group)