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Forklift Load Push,pallet Saving Load Forklift Attachment,Pallet Saving Load Push

material handling equipment that most useful in a factory,warehouse,or a transporting center. a forklift attachment load cargo without pallet left.

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Multi-forks load push forklift attachment

Multi-Forks Push is a special-purpose forklift truck attachment that can be used to load and unload containers/trucks and can be mounted on all existing forklift trucks.It is one of the most common handling solutions for bag packed goods because of its pallet saving handling feature.

This multi-forks push is featured with multi forks and push action.It's widely used in plant of fertilizer,cement,seeds,powder materials and so on.Imagine this that when materials produced and packed in bags through a production line. In the end of production lines there is a peculiar pallet which is used only interior of the factory.Dozens of baged materials stacked on a pallet and tranported to storage warehouse or a shipping platform waiting for trucks.A regular forklift will load the truck one by one pallet,but the pallet is only used inside of the factory,so we need to load goods without leaving pallet in a truck.We need a pallet saving load equipment,then a multi-forks push attachment is designed for this working condition. 

A multi fork push can easily load materials that in bags package in a truck.The only thing for factory to do is change their pallets into peculiar pallets which are recyclable and only can be used inside of factory or warehouse.This equipment help factory save pallets costs and improve forklift workling efficiency.Your factory need this pallet saving load push equipment. Please feel free contact us for a solution plan if you want this forklift attachment.

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